Registration & Microsites

Access Control

Ability to restrict access to different sections and modules for certain groups within the project.

Booking system

Participants can book accommodation or transport directly in the registration form and by reviewing the available capacities.

Email analytics

Overview of email statistics (delivery, opens, registration status, mobile app downloads.

Email editor

Create functional emails in an intuitive editor with text, headings, images or CTA buttons

Email invitations

Sending email invitations to defined groups of contacts.

Email marketing

Possibility to create a mail campaign for your event. Invitations, remiders or followups.

Email templates

Use the prepared templates for each type of mailing.

Feedback forms

Collect feedback using a form during or after the event.


Creating landing pages in an intuitive editor. Text, images, videos, program, contact information or embed.

Multi-event registration

Easy registration for multiple events from one microsite

Payment gateways

Payments via ready payment gateways Pays, Stripe or Paypal.

QR Checkin

QR codes not only for check-in at the main entrance, but also for access to closed or VIP sections, for refreshment dispensing or for changing rooms.

Registration form

Multi-level registration forms with conditional questions or a booking system.


Creation and distribution of virtual tickets

Vouchers and discount codes

Unlimited creation of discount codes, definition of value by percentage, amount. Setting time or number limits for use.

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