Livestream & Production

Astonish audiences with interesting content in top quality


Happenee can play live streaming or pre-recorded videos from video conferencing and streaming services.

Zoom, Teams or Vimeo

Chat, Q&A, polls

Sentiment meter

Výroba obsahu

With our production partners led by industry leaders from XLAB, we are able to shoot and produce any type of live or pre-recorded content.

Video production

Preparation of scenarios


Virtual studio

Using the virtual studio, we can collaborate with presenters and speakers around the world.

Module features

Speakers overview
Overview of speakers with detailed medallion of individuals.
Side events
Registration for various events (e.g. workshops) within the ongoing event.
Programme/ Agenda
Interactive program of the whole event.
Sentiment meter
Immediate feedback of the viewers' actual feelings during the video stream.
Asking questions from the audience with the possibility to add "likes" to already asked questions.
Public chat
Public chats during the video stream with other participants.
Option to trigger voting during the video stream.

What the platform enables?

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Why Happenee?

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