Data & Statistics

Make informed decisions based on current data


Track all individual activity from invitation emails to final feedbacks in real time with clear dashboards or reports.

Email statistics

Registrations status

Application usage

Export options

Easily export user activity data in a format usable for your enterprise systems.





We are able to connect with your business systems and send data to CRM, data warehouses or BI systems.


Module features

Lead capture
Capturing leads and visitors with contact forms, vouchers or promotional offers on sales stands.
Lead generation Hub
Tracking and evaluating activity at the individual visitor level for subsequent business activity.
A ranking of activity scores across the platform that motivates visitors to actively engage.
Feedback forms
Collect feedback using a form during or after the event.
Exhibitors interface
Exhibitors can upload content directly to their booths via the web interface without your assistance.
Registration form
Multi-level registration forms with conditional questions or a booking system.
Email analytics
Overview of email statistics (delivery, opens, registration status, mobile app downloads.
Attendees list
A searchable list of all visitors to your project.
An automated to-do list that helps visitors complete a set of activities you define.
Contact segmentation
Create your own lists of contacts, tags and groups to communicate or work with.
Matchmaking of participants
Facilitate mutual user connectivity for transferring contact information or direct communication through chat or video calls.

What the platform enables?

See all the modules ready to build a flexible solution to your specifications.

Experience the platform from the visitor's point of view with all the features and modules directly in your web browser.

Why Happenee?

Modularity and flexibilty

100% support

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