We are Happenee

Ice cream-powered Czech startup based in Prague.
We are developing an innovative SaaS platform for all event planners, marketers and HR professionals who work in large companies and deal with the audience or employee engagement.

As a company, we rely on teal principles. We are open, fair, respect each other, and do what we enjoy!

Why we are here?

Happenee enables companies to grow their business, communicate their brand, and engage their communities and employees through immersive digital worlds connected to the event ecosystem.

How are we achieving our vision?

We put not only maximum energy into every project, but also values and commitments you can rely on.

Fun & Quirky

Stress Free


What is the result of our efforts?

We develop a modular SaaS platform focused on active user engagement, lead generation, brand communication, employee lifecycle and complete event execution. We unite these areas in immersive interactive worlds that break the communication barriers between physical and digital environments, bringing the best of both.

Imagine a place that turns anonymous visitors into communities, satisfied employees into engaged ones, buyers into partners, and silent event attendees into active promoters.

Although we are product-oriented, we don't forget about service and service. We take a project-based approach to each client with 100% human support during the planning, setup, implementation and evaluation phases. So the client doesn't just get access to the app. They get a dedicated customer success manager who will ensure the whole project is successful.


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Happy Clients


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Happy Team Members

What do we stand for?

We are just a bunch of enthusiasts who love to eat ice cream after lunch (there is always a full freezer in the office). We like to overcome challenges and look for the best ways to achieve our goals. We have fun at work, and we can take it when things get tricky.

Honesty, respect, support for each other.

We are open-minded, and we trust one another.

What we agreed on is valid.

We are looking for opportunities to be beneficial – to the company and our colleagues.

We do what we enjoy and what makes us happy while still growing and learning.

Our Story

We can't have this site without a proper timeline 🙂


Attendee Mobile App (side project).


Complete Event Management Suite launched.


Payment Processing & Networking launched. First big customers using Happenee.


Local Market Expansion.

April 2020

MVP of Virtual Event Platform developed.

July 2020

Launch of Virtual Event Platform with first corporate clients.

Q1 2021

Virtual Expo solution launch & worldwide expansion.

Q2 2021

Hybrid solution launched.

Q2 2021

Seed investment from Reflex Capital.


Team expansion from 5 to 35 team members.

Q2 2022

Focus on EMEA market. OKRs and KPIs planning and tracking implemented.

Q2 2022+

Expand Event Management Solutions even more to Community Engagement and Brand Communication suites.


Thanks to these two gentlemen, we are able to do work that we and our clients enjoy every day.

Zdeněk Hesoun
Founder & CEO

An experienced businessman and relentless optimist who loves people.

Zdeněk focuses on several areas in Happenee. However, he cares most about relationships inside and outside, which is related both to the company's goals but also to Zdeněk's other specializations — business development, sales, and strategy. The basis is transparency, fairness, trust, reliability, and proactivity.

Pavel Hodinka
Founder & CTO

Software architect full of enthusiasm, yet always calm and foresighted.

Pavel's primary mission is the product itself and everything that belongs to it, from deciding what and how it will be developed to keeping the product functional and stable and the users as satisfied as possible. It is closely related to his major specialization, the complete construction of web systems.

Want to work with us?

Do you want to do a job that you enjoy and not just your manager?

We may be looking for you - get in touch and become part of our team!

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