Mobile & web applications

Branding/white labeling

Complete branding of the application, mail communication, microsite or 3D environment.

Covid verification

Scanning of COVID certificates and QR codes linked to European databases with instant validation.

Feedback forms

Collect feedback using a form during or after the event.

Generating a certificate from an event

Automated generation and distribution of an event or activity completion certificate

Matchmaking of participants

Facilitate mutual user connectivity for transferring contact information or direct communication through chat or video calls.

Media library

A "Netflix-style" video library for sharing any content.


The texts in the platform can be translated into most of the world's languages, including the 3D lobby.


Option to trigger voting during the video stream.

Private chat

A closed chat between two visitors.

Product presentation

Presentation of products and services on a virtual stand with downloadable content, web linking or CTA buttons.

Programme/ Agenda

Interactive program of the whole event.

Public chat

Public chats during the video stream with other participants.

Push notifications

Send notifications at any time via web or mobile app


Asking questions from the audience with the possibility to add "likes" to already asked questions.

SSO login

SSO option to connect to your internal system.

Scheduling meetings

Scheduling networking meetings before and during the event, at a specific time and place within the event.

Speakers overview

Overview of speakers with detailed medallion of individuals.

Sponsors overview

Option to insert partner and sponsor logos in emails or web and mobile applications.

User profiles

User profile management for individual visitors. Name, position, email, phone, social networks, availability for networking.


Video interviews between 2 visitors within the project/event.

Virtual booth

2D/3D stands containing video presentation, downloadable content, product catalogue, chat, video chat, contact forms or URL links.

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