Another classic from the early days of computer games. The more asteroids you destroy, the higher the score.


Shoot as many points as possible on the shooting range in the biatlovovém race.

Car racing

Car races with branded billboards with the goal of going as far as possible.


A form of voting where participants choose which charity and how much money should be donated.


An automated to-do list that helps visitors complete a set of activities you define.

Feedback forms

Collect feedback using a form during or after the event.


Music playback from streaming services.


A ranking of activity scores across the platform that motivates visitors to actively engage.

Matchmaking of participants

Facilitate mutual user connectivity for transferring contact information or direct communication through chat or video calls.

Mobile app

Share all your information, send messages and notifications, post news, collect feedback or start a poll.


The texts in the platform can be translated into most of the world's languages, including the 3D lobby.


Classic Pac-man from the 80s. The goal is to collect as many points and avoid enemies.

Pin wall

Easily share sticky notes with text on a virtual wall


Pinball. Keep the ball as long as possible on the table and collect as many points as possible.


Option to trigger voting during the video stream.

Private chat

A closed chat between two visitors.

Programme/ Agenda

Interactive program of the whole event.

Public chat

Public chats during the video stream with other participants.

Push notifications

Send notifications at any time via web or mobile app


Asking questions from the audience with the possibility to add "likes" to already asked questions.

Scheduling meetings

Scheduling networking meetings before and during the event, at a specific time and place within the event.

Sentiment meter

Immediate feedback of the viewers' actual feelings during the video stream.

Social Wall

Sharing visitor thoughts, impressions or interesting facts through pictures and texts with the possibility to like and comment.

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