Terms of Use

Abridged version

This abridged version of the Happenee Terms of Use is for information only and does not replace the entire terms of the Terms of Use available here.

Information about Protection of Personal Data of Happenee available here.


I'm a website visitor

The content of the website is for my personal use only and not for commercial purposes.
When using the website, I am obliged to comply in particular with the laws of the Czech Republic, the conditions of use and the rules of good conduct.

I will not use any means that could cause the website to be compromised, including its disproportionate burden.

The operator is not responsible for the information on the website or on the pages accessible via links.

I want to sign up for an event and create a user account

A user account can be created as part of any event.

To create a user account, it is always necessary to at least fill in the email address and choose the access password.

I can manage my user account on the web portal or in Happenee application. I can view my events and use other features in my user account.

I can cancel my user account at any time. An operator may cancel my user account if I do not sign up for more than one year.

I want to buy a ticket to an event

Within the platform, the organizer may allow the sale of tickets for its events. I understand that the ticket vendor is always the organizer and not the platform operator. Organizer identification is always given for the event.

Payment of tickets is possible by credit card or transfer to the bank account of the operator. I understand that the bank charges are not included in the ticket price and that the operator is not responsible for payment gateway functionality.

The ticket will usually be delivered to me electronically to my email I sign up for the event. The operator's obligations are met by the delivery of the ticket.

The Operator is not responsible for the event, nor for the change in the program, venue, date or course of the event. I will apply all claims related to the event to the organizer.

I use Happenee app

The app serves as access to user account and usage of Happenee platform features.

I understand that for some partners the operator has created an official personalized version of the app with the same functionality. In case of doubt whether I have an official version of the application, I may ask the operator to verify it immediately.

The application is copyrighted in the sense of copyright law. I understand that I may only use the app for my personal, non-commercial use in accordance with the license contained in the Terms of Use, which is non-exclusive and without option to license.

General information

I understand that I am not entitled to claim from the operator compensation for damage that may result to me, inter alia, due to deterioration in availability, malfunction, cancellation, occurrence of errors, loss of stored data and information, or other facts related to the use of the Platform or Application.

I understand that the operator may temporarily limit the availability of the platform, inter alia, for scheduled downtime, maintenance, or technical changes.

Operator Happenee s.r.o.

The full Terms of Use of the Happenee platform can be found here

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