Onboarding checklist

Hand out tasks and activities that can be completed using checklists and track progress.

Automatic activity tracking

If tasks are linked to activities in Happenee, their completion is automatically recorded in the checklist.

Tracking activities across platform and environment

Tracking clicks to other sites

Manual filling

If the tasks are linked to activities outside of Happenee, the visitor records the completion with one click

Progress bar

Thanks to the percentage pie, the onboarded user immediately knows what percentage he has met.

Module features

An automated to-do list that helps visitors complete a set of activities you define.
Contact segmentation
Create your own lists of contacts, tags and groups to communicate or work with.

What the platform enables?

See all the modules ready to build a flexible solution to your specifications.

Experience the platform from the visitor's point of view with all the features and modules directly in your web browser.

Why Happenee?

Modularity and flexibilty

100% support

Proven reliability

Autentic engagement



Fast deployment

Have a fun!

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