Feature List

3D lobby

The main crossroad of your project in which visitors move - in dynamic 3D.

Access Control

Ability to restrict access to different sections and modules for certain groups within the project.


Another classic from the early days of computer games. The more asteroids you destroy, the higher the score.

Attendees list

A searchable list of all visitors to your project.


Shoot as many points as possible on the shooting range in the biatlovovém race.

Booking system

Participants can book accommodation or transport directly in the registration form and by reviewing the available capacities.

Branding/white labeling

Complete branding of the application, mail communication, microsite or 3D environment.

Car racing

Car races with branded billboards with the goal of going as far as possible.


A form of voting where participants choose which charity and how much money should be donated.


An automated to-do list that helps visitors complete a set of activities you define.

Contact segmentation

Create your own lists of contacts, tags and groups to communicate or work with.

Covid verification

Scanning of COVID certificates and QR codes linked to European databases with instant validation.

Dynamic 3D environment

The 3D environment can visually change according to the time of day, season or your needs.

Email analytics

Overview of email statistics (delivery, opens, registration status, mobile app downloads.

Email editor

Create functional emails in an intuitive editor with text, headings, images or CTA buttons

Email invitations

Sending email invitations to defined groups of contacts.

Email marketing

Possibility to create a mail campaign for your event. Invitations, remiders or followups.

Email templates

Use the prepared templates for each type of mailing.

Exhibitors interface

Exhibitors can upload content directly to their booths via the web interface without your assistance.

Feedback forms

Collect feedback using a form during or after the event.

Generating a certificate from an event

Automated generation and distribution of an event or activity completion certificate


Thanks to the REST API, Happenee can be connected to hundreds of application platforms.


Music playback from streaming services.

Label printing

Print labels from the mobile app using QR codes on wireless printers.

Lead capture

Capturing leads and visitors with contact forms, vouchers or promotional offers on sales stands.

Lead generation Hub

Tracking and evaluating activity at the individual visitor level for subsequent business activity.


A ranking of activity scores across the platform that motivates visitors to actively engage.


Play live streaming (Vimeo, Zoom, Teams) or pre-recorded videos from video conferencing and streaming services.

Matchmaking of participants

Facilitate mutual user connectivity for transferring contact information or direct communication through chat or video calls.

Media library

A "Netflix-style" video library for sharing any content.


Creating landing pages in an intuitive editor. Text, images, videos, program, contact information or embed.

Mobile app

Share all your information, send messages and notifications, post news, collect feedback or start a poll.

Multi-event registration

Easy registration for multiple events from one microsite


The texts in the platform can be translated into most of the world's languages, including the 3D lobby.


Classic Pac-man from the 80s. The goal is to collect as many points and avoid enemies.

Payment gateways

Payments via ready payment gateways Pays, Stripe or Paypal.

Pin wall

Easily share sticky notes with text on a virtual wall


Pinball. Keep the ball as long as possible on the table and collect as many points as possible.


Option to trigger voting during the video stream.

Private chat

A closed chat between two visitors.

Product presentation

Presentation of products and services on a virtual stand with downloadable content, web linking or CTA buttons.

Professional services

Dedicated project sherpa for each project that sets up, onboards and manages the project from a technical perspective.

Programme/ Agenda

Interactive program of the whole event.

Public chat

Public chats during the video stream with other participants.

Push notifications

Send notifications at any time via web or mobile app


Asking questions from the audience with the possibility to add "likes" to already asked questions.

QR Checkin

QR codes not only for check-in at the main entrance, but also for access to closed or VIP sections, for refreshment dispensing or for changing rooms.

Registration form

Multi-level registration forms with conditional questions or a booking system.

SSO login

SSO option to connect to your internal system.

Scheduling meetings

Scheduling networking meetings before and during the event, at a specific time and place within the event.

Sentiment meter

Immediate feedback of the viewers' actual feelings during the video stream.

Side events

Registration for various events (e.g. workshops) within the ongoing event.

Social Wall

Sharing visitor thoughts, impressions or interesting facts through pictures and texts with the possibility to like and comment.

Speakers overview

Overview of speakers with detailed medallion of individuals.

Sponsors overview

Option to insert partner and sponsor logos in emails or web and mobile applications.


Creation and distribution of virtual tickets

User profiles

User profile management for individual visitors. Name, position, email, phone, social networks, availability for networking.


Video interviews between 2 visitors within the project/event.

Virtual booth

2D/3D stands containing video presentation, downloadable content, product catalogue, chat, video chat, contact forms or URL links.

Vouchers and discount codes

Unlimited creation of discount codes, definition of value by percentage, amount. Setting time or number limits for use.

Experience the platform from a subscriber's perspective with all the features and modules directly in your web browser.

Why Happenee?

Modularity and flexibilty

100% support

Proven reliability

Autentic engagement



Fast deployment

Have a fun!

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