Payments & Invoicing

Increase the chances of prospects paying and completing registration with a wide variety of payment methods.

Payment gateways & invoices

Make it easy and convenient for your subscribers to pay with ready-to-use payment gateways such as Pays, Stripe, Paypal and advance invoices.

Stripe, PayPal, Pays

Advance invoices

Payment management

Automatic payment matching

Save time and avoid potential errors with a system that automatically checks payments for you and matches them to registrations.

Time save

Reduction of error rate

Vouchers and discount codes

Create unlimited discount codes, define their value by percentage, specific amount, set time or number limits for use and distribute them electronically to selected subscribers.

Numerical limits

Setting currency values

Electronic distribution

Module features

Vouchers and discount codes
Unlimited creation of discount codes, definition of value by percentage, amount. Setting time or number limits for use.
Payment gateways
Payments via ready payment gateways Pays, Stripe or Paypal.
Creation and distribution of virtual tickets
Label printing
Print labels from the mobile app using QR codes on wireless printers.

What the platform enables?

See all the modules ready to build a flexible solution to your specifications.

Experience the platform from the visitor's point of view with all the features and modules directly in your web browser.

Why Happenee?

Modularity and flexibilty

100% support

Proven reliability

Autentic engagement



Fast deployment

Have a fun!

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