Brand Commitment

What can you always count on?

By order of the Ministry of Unforgettable Experiences, we must not promise you empty phrases and fancy words but deliver actual values. You can always rely on values that you will always want to come back to and that you don't usually come across. Values you will never forget. That's what the entire Happenee team is committed to, and we won't deliver less.

Fun & Quirky

Dare to Have Fun

Together let's add some fun and personality to your virtual 3D world and event ecosystem.

With us, dare to have fun.

Our 3D worlds increase dopamine and make the audience more focused.

Wide range of gamification.

Audience will never get bored thanks to dozens of engagement features.

Our company culture is based on joy and interaction.

Environment which evokes a "WOW" effect.


Dare to Be Different

With our ability to use over 100 features and the consistent development of new ones, we create a memorable experience that stands out.

With us, dare to be different.

Custom branding for any customer.

30+ ready-made 3D environments.

We can help with content and video production.

Dedicated team of experts to develop new fun features.

Coverage of the entire event lifecycle.


Dare to Let Go

We are interested in the success of your project and gaining your audience's trust.

With us, dare to let go.

We treat each customer as a partner, not just as a client.

Experience with more than 1100 events.

Security based on ISO 9001 & IEC 27001.

Full-scale onboarding and training.

Dedicated customer success manager to your project.

Experience the platform from the visitor's point of view with all the features and modules directly in your web browser.

Why Happenee?

Modularity and flexibilty

100% support

Proven reliability

Autentic engagement



Fast deployment

Have a fun!

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