Employer branding

Show that your company is the best place to work

Communicate values

Weave corporate values into all the content, activities and interactions you communicate through Happenee.

Activities focused on corporate culture

Propagating values into shared content

3D environment reflecting corporate values or CSR

Employee turnover reduction

Reduce the chances that employees will seek other opportunities and show that you care about each individual through active engagement, education and gamification.

Collecting feedback

Engagement building activities

Events focused on employee needs

Process automation

Save time for yourself and more senior colleagues training newcomers with automated onboarding

Module features

Social Wall
Sharing visitor thoughts, impressions or interesting facts through pictures and texts with the possibility to like and comment.
Product presentation
Presentation of products and services on a virtual stand with downloadable content, web linking or CTA buttons.
Feedback forms
Collect feedback using a form during or after the event.
Dynamic 3D environment
The 3D environment can visually change according to the time of day, season or your needs.
An automated to-do list that helps visitors complete a set of activities you define.
A form of voting where participants choose which charity and how much money should be donated.
3D lobby
The main crossroad of your project in which visitors move - in dynamic 3D.

What the platform enables?

See all the modules ready to build a flexible solution to your specifications.

Experience the platform from the visitor's point of view with all the features and modules directly in your web browser.

Why Happenee?

Modularity and flexibilty

100% support

Proven reliability

Autentic engagement



Fast deployment

Have a fun!

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