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During the COVID pandemic, the customer was looking for a solution to train and certify their craftsmen with possible automation of the entire process. Weber didn't just want webinars and manual certification as it had done in previous years. The certificates are used by craftsmen to prove their competence to work with a given material from Weber. This experience is also very well applied in the selection process. Weber needed to come up with an on-demand certificate solution and simply automate the entire process.


Happenee created a 3D Expo for Weber with booths by craft profession with pre-recorded videos and learning materials. After studying the materials, participants took a test on the platform and received a unique, dated certificate upon successful completion of the test. At the same time, there was an option to do streaming webinars at each booth to encourage interaction between trainers and participants. Everything was integrated into the "Professional Artisans Club" platform.


In 2021, craftsmen generated 500 certificates and attended 2,000 training sessions without the need for human intervention

Weber saved up to half the costs associated with the entire organisation and training

Each craftsman could generate his certificate 24/7 if needed and was not dependent on the training date

Experience the platform from a customer perspective with all features and modules directly in your web browser.

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