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Because of Covid pandemy, the EMEA G-Summits event had to move online. However, instead of boring and lengthy webinars, the organisers were looking for a more professional solution. The goal was to organize the event in such a way that the attendee would have the same experience as if they were actually physically at the event.


The solution was an exclusive 3D environment with partner booths, connecting speakers from around the world in one virtual studio and maximizing attendee engagement through interactive features.

Many thanks to team Happenee in Prague for working together in a new era of virtual event management. Special thanks to Jan Mišák, Barbora Babitzova, Andrea Maštalířová, Evelína Herec, Lukáš Hora and Zdeněk Hesoun for all dedication to our event projects!

Linda Hilberdink

Senior EMEA Events Manager at Gensys


greater attendance of participants

financial savings on accommodation and travel costs for visitors

data from all participants via CRM integration

better ROI compared to a normal event

planning 6 more virtual events with the Happenee platform in 2022

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